What is SEO in digital marketing?

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It’s a good question, I think all of the users should know about this demanding question answer.

Now, I want to say that SEO is the most important pillar for digital Marketing. It is a very needed internal part of digital marketing. If in digital marketing there is no search engine optimization digital marketing is properly prepared for gives services.

In the mid-1990s first-time webmasters and content makers start optimization for their websites. In the beginning Search engine going cataloging just the web. For various engines webmasters just send the URL or address of the page after that they send for crawling. Then day by day website owners can understand the demand for a high ranking. And also creating white hand & black hand hopes for SEO planners. In 1997 according to Danny Sullivan, probably “SEO” comes into use.

Mainly search engine optimization works for leading and generating natural & Quality traffic on websites.

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Being & Yandesk are search engines. In a simple way, SEO mainly works for increasing quality and or drive blog result pages visibility for your website.

Before details of SEO, I want to share, there two types of Optimization methods. They are Black Hat and White Hat SEO existed in the field.

Black Hat :

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It’s actually not following the rules of Search engines properly. By doing this you can reach your targeted places very early. But when you found by any search engine that you came here by using 2nd way then they give you a great penalty. When you get a penalty from them your identity totally banned from the search engine.

White Hat:

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It’s a well and proper way to get a targeted place. We all should need to use this system. By using this way we reach on top ranking. It can take time but it stronger and trustable for us. This optimization system tries to fulfilling all of the Search engine rules.

At this moment I want to share that there existed mainly two types of SEO. They are :

1) On-Page SEO

2) Off-Page SEO

On-Page Optimization Points:

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In these circumstances, It’s mainly worked for the internal site of your websites. On following these rules you can change your internal changed of your website. On-page SEO also helps to keep the same engaged audience on your websites.

For well on-page optimization you should know some points these are:

  • Optimization for content:

We all should know that content is king for any websites. So by doing the optimization of content it’s a great help for your websites. When you do your content optimization then it’s turned unique and interesting for your users. They fell easily to take your content. That’s why your traffic can be generating.

  • Image Optimize for SEO:

Image Optimization is a great help for SEO. When you create any unique images and optimizing it. Then very easily you can take place on the image section of the search engine top.

  • Site Mapping:

When your websites increasing day by day then you can use site maps for your Websites. By viewing your site map users can easily find their targeted page on your website. But I think for small website site map use is unprofessional.

  • Internal linking in websites:

When your websites have so many pages then you can use or create internal linking. By anchor texting, you can do this. Like a visitor visit a page at this he/she likes one keyword or topic on details then he/she can move easily by click in.

  • Keyword density reducing:

On the website’s blog, you should need to reduce keywords density.

  • Page Title :

Using page title by using limited characters with the main keywords. A page title is a very important thing for Quality SEO. It can vary for your traffic growth.

  • Meta Tags using:

You should also use meta tags with short summaries of your websites. For creating meta tags You need also using limited words to create this. Meta tags also use for traffic growth.

And also many things are there.

Off-Page SEO points:

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It’s mainly working for your website’s promotion and doing backlinks from relevant sites. Off-page Optimization mainly works on the external side of your websites. When you work and create backlinks its works for increasing page authority. When any websites page Authority increases then domain authority increases automatically. And DA an PA is the most important thing for ranking on the search engines. It helps for increasing and drives your traffic for your websites.

There are some points also :

  • Articles Submission:

You can answer or submit articles on some popular sites. You can do anchor texting that’s why they can reach your site easily.

Guest blogging:
When guest bloggers submit posts for your websites it will be a great and positive impact on your website.

  • Commenting Backlinks :

Commenting on blogs is not so much use but it created helps for increasing traffic also.

  • Profile Link-Building for backlinks:

Profile link building created or generating a number of users on your websites. For this system, at first, you have to create an account for relevant pages. By registration you can start then you can provide your details and your websites Link on your account.

  • Submission Directory:

By submitting a directory you can get traffic.

  • Responses:

You should always there for comments reply or message reply. It creates a strong and quality backup for your websites.

At the end of my brief discussion, I want to say that SEO is a great and positive Site for Digital marketing. This marketing method is so much popular for website owners.

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